Todo rico todo bio

Todo rico todo bio

“Todo rico todo bio” is completely created with teas, rooibos and infusions from organic cultivation.

Libertea is engaged in the Ethical Tea Partnership which helps to create a fair and sustainable tea industry for tea workers, farmers and the environment. By creating this tea packs we wanted to tell the world that we are also contributing to the well being of our planet and communities.

“Todo rico todo bio” is componed of :

  • Angel´s garden : Classic and elegant green tea with delicious taste of jasmin,
  • Gran Yunnan Puerh : a typical dark tea from China , really tasty with nice touch of wood and tobacco.
  • Trip to India; the Chai tea is a speciality of India that blend black tea with famous spices: cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, red pepper and nutmeg
  • Rooibos strawberry milkshake : a tasty rooibos.  This is the great encounter of strawberry with milk.  A true dream team, theine-free.
  • Perls from the garden: a sweet and relaxing infusion composed with Limon, thyme and rosemary.

The advantage in this tea pack is that whatever the hour of the day , you can enjoy a nice cup of tea: dark and black teas are usually nice for the breakfast, then tasty green tea, a nice rooibos for tea time and a delicious infusion at night..

The tea packs is composed of 5 little metal tins of 25g each.





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