Tea. Iced tea please!

Tea. Iced tea please!

It´s hot! let´s drink an iced tea! This is THE drink of the summer. This is not only refreshing , it´s natural, tasty and quench our thirst. Of course as we can drink iced tea all day long, so we benefit its antioxidant properties as we are savoring nice blends. 

We are concerned about your holidays, your well- being and we want you to enjoy so we have created this special summer box with: a tea of our selection , a very nice mug and a small book of recipes of iced teas that we really love.

You only have to select you favorite tea of our range : black tea , green, white, Pu-erh, rooibos and then blended or natural , it´s all your choice! Let´s enjoy!



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