Originally there was a tree, the tea tree.

Originally this plant inspired a discovery: infusion

By leaving these little particular leaves infused in hot water, a range of flavors bursts.

Originally in the osmosis of this little leaf and the water, the culture of tea was created.

Originally there was a palette of colors and a variety of rich flavors: white tea is very delicate because lightly infused, green teas are fit to Chinese with their vegetal tastes but the Japanese ones are very recognizable thanks to their bitter taste, black tea is completely oxidized, as for Oolong, blue tea reveals unique tastes depending on the oxidation that will give it and finally this palette of colors is ending with the Pu-Erh, dark tea with its unique treatment of post- fermentation. As a matter of fact, this is the only tea that improves wonderfully in time. There are so many discoveries don´t you think so?

In this box, we highlight the pure flavour of each type of tea.

Discover them all, Originally…








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