In the tropics…

In the tropics…

What do tropics inspire you?

When you close your eyes , you can feel  the heat on your skin… the silence… only the slight noise of small waves falling in the sand…this hot transparent water…. and there are coconut trees along the white sand beach…. it´s so peaceful, we´re nearly in, no?

To create this box, we have travelled to the tropics and brought some exotic fruits and spices: we propose a delicate blend of green and white teas with Lychees- vainilla and lemon pieces, a spicy black tea with strawberries and red pepper, a tasty piña colada rooibos with pineapple pieces and grated coconut , a typical Earl Grey with vainilla pieces, and a delicious green ginger tea.

Those are exotic and surprising blends for your real pleasure moment, for your tea moment.



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